Swimming Basics

Beachwise Wi Fi are trying to help break the drowning chain …  providing useful education & safety advice.

Learning how to swim can be scary …..

Here’s some tips to make learning how to swim less worrying. 

Learn in a swimming pool with lifeguards on duty !

Practice in shallow water so then you can stand up if you need to.

Grab hold of the edge of the pool or use a  flotation device if available & practice gently kicking your legs up and down

Then try floating on your back and kicking with your legs gently.

Move your arms towards your head and then back to your hips.

Hooray you are floating, relax & enjoy,  tell a friend how easy it is to float & that floating can save your life !!

Feeling confident then … turn over onto your stomach and do the same !

Now reach your arms out forward one at a time and do strokes to swim through the water. 

Treading water is great to help to catch your breath & keeps your head up without actually swimming!

When treading water use your hands to keep balance by keeping your forearms flat on the water and moving them clockwise and counter clockwise.

Kick your legs to give yourself a boost.

If you are below the water and want to come up, then use your arms to propel yourself.

Put your arms straight up above your head and quickly bring them down to your sides.

This will push you up a little bit, repeat this until above the surface.

Remeber never panic, if in an emergency try to float on your back and keep calm.

Now you know the basics you can start to learn all the different strokes !

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